Seth Franklin Sherwood​

The Gutsy Guatemalan Gringo

  •  Energizing, enthralling and       EMPOWERING
  • Motivating and Inspirational

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​    ​Author of Trains Make U-turns,​

5 Simple Steps to Get Your Life on Track

Bilingual Spanish Keynote Speaker,
Author & Coach

Seth has four main keynote topics. He is passionate about all four interests and delivers each with more ENTHUSIASM than you will ever experience. 

Keynote Topics

  • The Secret to Success (a highly enthusiastic and interactive talk on what it takes to succeed)
  • Extreme Enthusiasm for Sales Success ( SALES, SALES & SALES)
  • ​Family Literacy (Seth has a passion for children's causes)
  • GOLF (Almost an addiction)

After a 15 year career as a public school teacher and 11 years delivering professional development programs as a Carnegie coach, Señor Sherwood is taking his kickin keynotes on the prosperity path to help you and your team achieve big breakthroughs and SUPER SUCCESS!

While continuing to conduct motivational and educational workshops and seminars, he is transitioning to a more keynote speech focus.