Seth Franklin Sherwood​

Are you looking for an engaging, energizing, and empowering speaker?

​Someone to invigorate, rejuvenate and motivate your audience? Seth Franklin Sherwood
​(the U-turn Guy).


About Seth​

•    Professional Keynote Speaker and certified
facilitator with premier international training
•    Author of High Powered book, Trains Make
, 5 Simple Steps to Get Your Life on Track
•    MBA from Univ. of New Haven
•    1st place winner of Spanish variety
entertainment television contest
(see YouTube link)
•    Bilingüe en español, Seth ha trabajado y vivido
​ en varios países en América Central y del Sur

  • Captivating and Entertaining

  • International Experience

  • Energizing and Inspirational

Author of Trains Make U-turns,​

5 Simple Steps to Get Your Life on Track

•    Learn how to conquer your fear, doubt and 

•    Gain the self-confidence to soar to success in
Sales, Leadership and Presentations

​•    Achieve your vision in health, wealth and
​ relationships

Bilingual Spanish Keynote Speaker,
Author & Coach