Our mission is to help organizations, teams and individuals to reach their maximum potential in the areas of leadership, sales, and public speaking, and to develop and maintain your highest level of passion and enthusiasm.     ​

We coach you to unlock your courage and light that fire in your belly!

We teach you how to acquire, 

The 10 pillars of The Sherwood Force are,

1. Peace

2. Love

3. Joy

4. Patience

5. Wisdom

6.  Self-control

7. Courage

8. Resilience

9. Passion & Enthusiasm (counts as 1)

10. Service

Powered by FAITH

As you can see, we are a

faith-based organization. 

Seth Sherwood is originally from Amherst, Massachusetts. He has traveled and worked extensively in Latin America. His overseas missions included a two year stint in the Peace Corps in Chile and Honduras. He earned his MBA from the University of New Haven in 1987.

After a 16 year career as a public school teacher and 11 years as a Dale Carnegie coach, in 2013, Seth founded the bilingual professional development organization, Sherwood Keynotes. He and his wife Letty deliver bilingual leadership courses, seminars, speeches and recently began conducting couples retreats.

Letty Sherwood is originally from Puebla, Mexico. She has worked in the insurance industry as well as three accounting firms. She is dedicated to helping the Spanish speaking population grow and prosper by applying Christian based principles. 

Seth and Letty have helped numerous organizations increase their sales, improve employee retention and cut costs.

Seth is the author of the critically acclaimed book, “Trains Make U-turns, 5 Simple Steps to Get Your Life on Track”.

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