First place Spanish Variety Show (Tio Alecc with Melinda and Mimi the Reading Gorilla)

My mother, Esther Elizabeth Sherwood


How to make that TRANSFORMATION

Refugee camp, Mocorón, Honduras 1983

Keynote speaker at BIG USA Insurance

convention 2017 

Seth’s area of expertise is in growth and transformation. He  continues to transform both his professional and personal life. His major growth experiences include the following,

> Two year stint in a refugee camp with the Peace Corps
> Achieving his MBA from the Univ. of New Haven
> Transitioning from a 15 year career as a public school teacher to a Dale Carnegie facilitator and speaker
> On stage and television family music performer (Tío Alecc)

> Author, coach and motivational speaker 

Some background information 

When Seth began his career as a motivational speaker, his coach suggested he write a book about what he knows best. He didn't have to think too long to realize that what he knows and does best is making transformations. Hence, the title of his book, Trains Make U-turns, 5 Simple Steps to Get Your Life on Track.

Making that HUGE change in your life can seem as impossible as a train making a U-turn. His book and his keynotes clearly, powerfully and entertainingly show you how to make that trainsformation. 

We are talking about two kinds of U-turns. The first one is what Seth's book is about. It is about transforming yourself into a completely different person. Thinking and doing things you never did before. It is AWESOME! Basically, it's a whole new way of living. 

The second kind of a U-turn is about making a change in your attitude during the day when things start to go south. It's about how to get things done in spite of difficult people, problems, discontent, frustration, etc... 

My mother  used to say, "you can always do better." And of course she was right. My attitude, productivity, relationships etc... can all be improved. It is ALWAYS about growing and doing better. It is about getting out of the rut.