Life ​​Transforming Solutions 

This is also a pretty good read. Dale Carnegie shares some very insightful concepts and stories. I give this book 4+ stars. And at this price you can't go wrong. 


"Every morning I read some pages out of this book. It motivates me to take on the challenges of the day. Thanks," ~ Jon Marino ​ 

This book includes so many ideas, tactics and bits of wisdom you will want to revisit many 'stops' frequently." ​Enjoy your ride! ~ Dee Ransom

"This book is definitely in my top 3 all time favorite books for self- improvement. Mr. Sherwood is not only a great leader, but also an amazing writer. Overall, I enjoyed the book and learned new perspectives about life. He inspires me to be a better individual and I am very fortunate to meet him. Thank you for sharing your story!" ~ John Sevilla